Switching Tracks

I want to introduce everyone to my new blog, AdverTERRIBLE. It features horrifying examples of advertising gone wrong. Everything from local TV commercials to vintage ads to big budget disasters from companies who should know better. Social Baggage has had a great run for the past 10 years. Now I’m ready to do something else.

Solution to DVR Ad Skipping?

This company aims to combat ad skipping by focusing their character at the center of the ad for the duration of the spot. Will “center of the box thinking” work? Will this type of advertising prove effective to an audience of DVR viewers? I’m not so sure. Personally, I think networks should start thinking of

Doritos Extreme Crowdsourcing

PepsiCo fired its ad agency for the Doritos brand after a couple of amateurs made an ad that took the top spot at last year’s Super Bowl. The ad cost a whopping $2,000 to make and they awarded the creators $1 million dollars. Far less than they would have paid the Madison Avenue seasoned veterans.