SB Upgrade

October 2008 Upgrade

I just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and thought it would be a good time to change the theme.  Still have a few things to hack, so bear with me.

New and Improved for Your Interactive Enjoyment!
If you’re a regular visitor to Social Baggage (not that I believe such a creature actually exists), you may have noticed a few little changes. Such as a complete site overhaul including a new design, advanced blogging software, a host of new features and completely different navigation.  Just a few minor things.

Let’s start with where all the stuff your used is now located.

The Archive
I’m still working on archiving all my posts dating back to the year 2000.  That’s a slow process as I often find myself reading the posts and reflecting on where I’ve been. Sometimes it makes me laugh. Other times I want to cry. On occassion, I even find I’ve changed my mind about something. The posts are what they are, though, and will not be altered.

At this writing, I’m somewhere in 2003. The new software makes it possible to browse and search by category and keywords.

Speeches, Links & Other Content
Speeches and historical documents are back on the site in the Public Outcry section. Hopefully, you’ll find them organized a little better. As with the archive, there are still some to be converted. This a real pain as many of them still have archaic Y2K HTML formatting with hard-coded font tags and no css. How primitive!

The links section is actually that, a section. Each category has its own page and I’ve made an effort to remove dead links. If you find a dead link or want a link corrected, comment on that page and I’ll get on it ASAP. Don’t submit links to me. I just put up what I like and am not really interested in going into business with you.

News Feeds
The news feeds have their own page now. They all work, but I’m still trying to tweak some of the titles. Fox News, for example, has the same title for all it’s feeds. We’ll get it straight eventually.

Fun & Exciting New Stuff
You want Web 2.0? You got it. I’m going to actually let you interact with me. Vote in polls. Comment on blog posts. If you’re good, I might even bring back the forums. You can start by commenting below. Let me know if there’s something that can be improved. Tell me I suck. Whatever.

Do me a favor, though. Don’t use profanity. If you can’t make your argument without cursing, it probably doesn’t have any real substance and will be removed.

That said, I’m looking forward to interacting with you. You’ll notice, however, that there are still no email links on this site. All comments must be made in public by registered users. Don’t like it? Go get your own site. I’m sure there’s something open on MySpace.

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