Public Outcry

History unfolds before our eyes every day.? The speeches and documents contained on this site keep a record of the history that shapes our time.? They may also form an intellectual forum for public debate.? I can respect your opinion only when it is based on educated facts.? Before you attempt to change my mind, you had better know what you’re talking about.

This is a collection of important documents and speeches that have shaped this country into the great nation it is today.? Each one of these texts influences your life every day, whether you know it or not.? They are all public domain (unless otherwise noted) and may be copied and posted wherever you please.??

Note:? This is the ONLY public domain section of this web site.? Only the text of these speeches my be copied.? All other texts, images, etc. are copyright ?2000- 2006 , Drew Horine and may not be copied or distributed without permission.

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