Social Baggage: The Force Awakens

Social Baggage: The Force Awakens

It’s been more than five years since my last post.

In 2009, a faltering economy led me to a new job in a new state. It became infinitely more important to feed my family than maintain this labor of love.

The recession of the Naughties also brought about a shift in my focus. With a lack of hope in our ability to change anything our government was doing, I was mostly writing about advertising, design or general silliness. The course of this blog had been derailed — and honestly, I didn’t care anymore.

By 2010, I was done.

A New Hope

Now we find ourselves on a new planet that looks strangely familiar. The desert landscape of these United States is littered by massive government programs, unchecked national debt, self-interested leaders in both parties and a ruler hell-bent on stripping away the rights of everyday citizens.

And yet a new hope arises. Rays of light are beginning to pierce through the dark shadow of political-correctness. The seeds of open, free discussion are spreading across Facebook and Twitter. A majority bullied into silent submission begins to stand up and speak out.

Stay on Target

This blog is about how politics, religion and pop culture shape our society.

I write unabashedly from a conservative viewpoint. Other opinions are welcome in the comments and social media — as long as that conversation remains respectful.

My aim is progress, not character assassination. Arguments will be made via an informed, intelligent, sometimes humorous discourse without name-calling or hate-mongering. If you can’t show the same respect, take your foolishness somewhere else.

Unfiltered History

When I decided to begin writing again, I thought about wiping out all my old posts and starting fresh.

Seriously, that would have been a whole lot easier. And looking back, there’s some really dumb stuff I’d like pull a George Lucas on.

But, revising history only dooms us to repeat the same mistakes. Embarrassing as it is, I meant what I said when I said it. So, I’m leaving my original trilogy untouched in the Social Baggage Archives.

No comments, however, will be allowed in that section.

Fan Favorites

Speaking of history, you can still find a collection of historical documents and speeches on this site. Social Baggage is your opportunity to read the documents your friends on Facebook argue about every day.

State of the Union and other presidential addresses will now appear in the blog for context.

I’m writing again to encourage you to think for yourself. You won’t agree with everything I say, but I sincerely hope you’ll know why. Only then can we begin to have an open, honest discussion that promotes progress over victory.

Welcome to the new Social Baggage. Think responsibly.

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