Black-Eyed Jacko

Everybody seems to be ganging up on poor Michael.? So he sleeps with children.? So what?? That’s normal, isn’t it?? The ever-thinning nose and paling skin?? Doesn’t that happen naturally?? And, of course, they were just playing ‘dangle the baby over the railing’ when reporters happened to catch a glimpse and portray it the wrong

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan

Whether you agreed with him or not, Ronald Reagan was a man who stood firmly upon his principles.?He was a steadfast voice of reason and comfort during the hard transition from recession to prosperity.?His messages (often interrupting ‘The A Team’) helped to shape my own political ideologies as I grew up. Because of Ronald Reagan,

Colin Powell Speaks to UN

Secretary of State Colin Powell on Wednesday presented America’s case for military action against Iraq, providing what he called “irrefutable and undeniable” evidence Saddam Hussein is hiding weapons of mass destruction. Powell, accompanied by top CIA officials, presented tape recordings, satellite photos and statements from informants at a meeting of the U.N. Security Council to

Space Shuttle Columbia Explodes on Re-Entry

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA lost communication with the space shuttle Columbia approximately sixteen minutes before its scheduled landing Saturday morning. At the time, Columbia was streaking over north-central Texas, at an altitude of approximately 200,000 feet, moving at about 12,500 mph. Seven astronauts # six Americans and the first Israeli to go into space

State of the Union Online

Here’s another chance for you to be the smartest person at the water cooler. The entire text of the President’s address, as well as the Democratic response is now posted on this web site. 2003 State of the Union Democratic Response More Important Speeches and Articles in the Public Outcry

Talking Heads

End of the day. Just kicking back with some Coltrane on the box. That’s putting me in a real mello mood. The State of the Union address is tonight. I really don’t have to watch. All the talking heads in Washington already told me everything he’s going to say. They’ll say it right up until

First Christmas in Heaven

I read the following poem and it made me think of Grandma. This is her first Christmas in Heaven. She was a staple of tradition in our family. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. They were all centered around Grandma’s house. Funky colored Christmas trees, the annual gift exchange and even that nasty sausage cake (c’mon, you know