Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency

If you missed the Saddleback Civil Forum on Saturday night, you need to to watch. Barack Obama and John McCain each sat down with Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Life) for one hour and were asked an identical set of questions. Then something amazing happened. He actually let them answer. No arguments. No bickering. No

XX: A Christian at Twenty

Twenty years ago today I made a decision that radically shifted my entire existence. The butterfly effect from this one decision saved my life then and continues to give me purpose today. It has affected everything from my voting record to my radio presets. It has dominated major decisions like college, friendships and how I

Falling Down

Someone I know failed in a very public way this week. The story is a headline on national news right now and will probably be in the morning paper. I fail every day. I lose my temper. I try to make people think I’m better than I really am. I look twice at forbidden fruit.

Be Bond

Rinspeed has made what might be the coolest car ever! It actually drives under water. Dude, what else do I have to say? Just watch the video. Go to for more info, photos and hi-rez downloads.

Angels & Magnets

So I’m upstairs last night playing superheroes with my son. As the heroes waged a never ending battle atop a tower of Legos, Magneto faces off against Angel. But Magneto uses his powers and make Angel fly off in a different direction. A four-year-old eyebrow raises in disapproval. “Angel’s not made of metal.” He was

Just Say Thanks

Have you ever seen a soldier out in public and wanted say thanks, but felt like an idiot walking up to a stranger? The Gratitude Campaign has a solution for it. Just do the simple sign for “Thank You” whenever you pass by a soldier. BTW, it also works as a quick way to say

Darkness Falls

April 24th, 1988. A young man steps forward in an altar call, making the decision to follow Jesus. But this was not his first encounter with the supernatural. Three years earlier, the world as I knew it had been ripped apart when the unthinkable happened. Mom sat us down and announced that Dad was going

Why Superheroes Never Come from the Deep South

Holy Lack of Inclusion, Batman! In my exhaustive research of superhero literature (ability to read comic books), I noticed that there are virtually no masked vigilantes from south of the Mason-Dixon line. There’s plenty of crime in the South. Wouldn’t there naturally be individuals infused with preternatural powers who would stand up to injustice? Or

Danica McKellar: Smart is Beautiful

Cheers to Danica McKellar, who played Winnie on The Wonder Years, for her new book, Math Doesn’t Suck. The 32 year old Danica told Newsweek that when girls see the antics of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, they think that being fun and glamorous also means being dumb and irresponsible. “I want to show them

Social Baggage: Man of Steel?

Much like the upcoming Superman sequel, Social Baggage returns.. again. After two months of dealing with mail injection attacks and hacked servers, we are now on an all-new server with an all-new company. Our scripts have been bulletproofed. Vulnerable code has been removed. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to have fun writing posts