Aliens at Inauguration?

Have you seen this video circulating of a UFO at President Obama’s inauguration? There’s a blur in the sky that no one can identify. Personally, I think it’s Kryptonian in nature. What I really want to know is this. What is that thing hanging from the scaffold? It looks like a guy hanging from a

Analytical Experiment

Ever check the Google Analytics data on your own website? The top search engine keywords on this site for the past several months have been “war kittens” and “alicia silverstone nude.” Without fail, some variation of those two things continue to occupy the top spot months after my article about PETA ads and my PhotoShop


Is the stock market worthless? How about your home? What about all those other investments? The truth is, yes. They will all wither and fade away. Put your trust in something that won’t fade away. When you realize that everything you have belongs to God and that He will always take care of you, nothing

Same Great Taste, New Package

I just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and thought it was as good a time as any to make some other hacks and edits. I really like this theme by Info Creek, even though I’ll probably hack it to death or switch it out soon. Enjoy it while it lasts. Note: I decided

Note to the Rumor Mongers

I got another email from one of those notorious people who pass along anything that will make the UN or democrats look bad (true or false). This one claimed the UN was removing the Holocaust from its educational curriculum (The UN has one of those?) like General Eisenhower warned us they would. Here was my

Raising McCain

John McCain’s speech at the Republican National Convention My Observations I watched John and Cindy McCain last night and was struck by the real contrast between them and the Obamas. The Obama’s deliver inspiring speeches, but the McCains lead an inspiring life. Most anybody who pays attention knows that John McCain was a POW in

Palin Smacks Down Obama

Did you see the thumping Sarah Palin gave to the Obama camp Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention? Between jabs at the eloquent public speaker without a real plan, she simultaneously energized the party and proved herself far more capable than the leftist media ever gave her credit for. Sarah Palin at the RNC: