Kairos Letter

This weekend I will spend 4 days volunteering in prison, sharing God’s love through the simple act of service. I wrote this letter for the residents I will meet.

Dear Brother in Christ,

I thought you might want to know why. Why would some guy from the outside drive a couple hours and be away from his family to go spend time with people he doesn’t even know who never did anything for him?

It’s because I know first-hand how God can take a totally messed-up life and make something amazing out it.  He cares for each one of us, no matter what our past looks like. Just like He changed my life, He can do something truly awesome in yours.

I’m honored to come serve you and look forward to getting to know you this weekend.

With Confidence,

Drew Horine

For more information on how you can volunteer in this life-changing ministry, visit the Kairos International Website.

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