Doritos Extreme Crowdsourcing

PepsiCo fired its ad agency for the Doritos brand after a couple of amateurs made an ad that took the top spot at last year’s Super Bowl. The ad cost a whopping $2,000 to make and they awarded the creators $1 million dollars. Far less than they would have paid the Madison Avenue seasoned veterans.

The concept is called “crowdsourcing” and this year Doritos is taking it to the next level. If fan-produced ads take the top three spots at Super Bowl XLIV, they will award $5 million to the creators.

Of course, they still have someone working on their marketing, because the contest has a killer website where you can view fan videos, get tips from last year’s winners, download branding and submit your own spot.

This is a brilliant way to build brand loyalty — get your customers to make the brand their own. They tell their friend and family to vote/watch and it spreads like Facebook.

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